“The magnetic John Herzog stands out.”

— Frederic Milstein, Los Angeles Times


“John Herzog is strong as the leader of the group.”

— Ron Pennington, Hollywood Reporter


“Earlier this year, [Athol] Fugard sneaked in to see the North Coast Repertory Theatre’s production of that classic modern drama (Ghosts). ‘It was very, very good work.’ he said, ‘and the moment I saw that pastor I thought: Here we go, I know you.’ ”

— Anne Marie Welsh, San Diego Union Tribune


“John Herzog was excellent in the role of Sky Masterson, the gambler for the sky is the limit.”

  — Bernard Weiner, Santa Ana Register


“A shining example is John Herzog’s Sky Masterson perhaps the finest actor to assume this role in a local production. Herzog underscores his Broadway gambler character with a sense of intensity and authority to a degree which even Marlon Brando didn’t reach in the movie version”

— Tom Titus, Daily Pilot, Newport Beach


“John Herzog not only looks and acts well the part of Masterson, he is also a fine singer. His professional polish is a big asset.”

— Karl Wray,  Anaheim Bulletin Editor


“The casting is impeccable. . . Downs and Herzog, as his father, establish such a warm bond that we can see where Reuven acquired his easy self-assurance.”

— Don Shirley, Los Angeles Times


“The dentist protagonist, Ben Stark, exceptionally well captured by John Herzog, is a weak, reactive, naïve man who longs for something better than the caged world in which he festers. . . . . When his harridan wife discovers (his affair), the play literally crackles, like a rocket to the moon.”

— Ray Loynd, Los Angeles Times


“John Herzog is perfect as the dentist Ben Stark.”

— L.A. Reader


“The acting is exemplary, capturing both the essence of the piece’s classical conventions and a wry intelligence that strikes a chord with modern audiences. Herzog is solid as Ben.”

— Elias Stimac,  Drama-Logue