John Herzog

Height: 6’1″  Weight: 195   Hair: Brown   Eyes: Blue
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Hair   •   Claude   •   Producer Michael Butler/Tom O’Horgan

Crimes of the Heart   •   Doc Porter   •   Producer: Zev Buffman/Melvin Bernhardt

The Seagull   •   Trigorin   •   Grace Repertory Theatre

Shoot Out the Lights   •   Artie   •   West Bank Theater/Ann Bowen



The Illusion  • Pridamant of Avignon • North Coast Repertory Theatre/David Ellenstein

Way Down River  • Warden Percy  •  North Coast Repertory Theatre/David Ellenstein

Broken Glass   •   Stanton Case   •   North Coast Repertory Theatre/Rosina Reynolds

Henry IV Part 1   •   Worcester   •   North Coast Repertory Theatre/David Ellenstein

Winter’s Tale   •   Antigonus   •   Kingsmen Shakespeare Co./Susan Angelo

Comedy Of Errors   •   Egeon   •   Kingsmen Shakespeare Co.

King of the Moon   •   Walter   •   North Coast Repertory Theatre/Matt Thompson

Ghosts   •   Pastor Manders   •   North Coast Repertory Theatre/David Ellenstein

The Tempest   •   Stephano   •   North Coast Repertory Theatre/David Ellenstein

Art   •   Marc   •   Laguna Playhouse/Andrew Barnicle

White Christmas   •   General Waverly   •   Fullerton CLO/Rob Barron

The Tempest   •   Prospero   •   Theatricum Botanicum/Ellen Geer

Wit   •   Dr. Kelekian   •   North Coast Repertory Theatre/David Hay

Dial M for Murder   •   Captain Lesgate   •   Indiana Repertory Theatre/Paul Moser

Come Back Little Sheba   •   Doc Delaney   •   Delaware Theatre Co./Cleveland Morris

Black White Man   •   Samuel Verner   •   Mark Taper Forum/Lee Richardson

Threepenny Opera   •   Macheath   •   Portland Stage Company/Barbara Roseoff

Crimes of the Heart   •   Doc Porter   •   Portland Stage Company

Guys And Dolls   •    Sky Masterson   •   Sebastians West Dinner Theatre

Hamlet   •   Laertes   •   Arizona Theatre Company/Robert Ellenstein

Much Ado About Nothing   •   Don John   •   L.A. Shakes. Fest./Edward Payson Call

Leading Ladies   •   Duncan   •   North Coast Repertory Theatre/John Seibert

South Pacific   •   Commander Harbison   •   Theatre League/Gary Davis

King John   •   Chatillon   •   Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Virtue In Danger   •   Shoemaker   •    Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Touched   •   William Inge   •   William Inge Theatre Festival/Peter Ellenstein

The Chosen   •   David Malter   •   Los Angeles Repertory Company/David Ellenstein

Rocket to the Moon   •   Ben Stark   •   Los Angeles Repertory Co./Peter Ellenstein

Same Time Next Year   •   George   •   Palm Canyon Theatre

King Lear   •   Kent   •   M E T Theatre (L.A.)/Bruce Katzman

Bus Stop   •   Carl   •   M.E.T. Theatre/James Gammon

Professor’s Twelfth Night   •   Dr. Festenstein/Feste   •   Kingsmen Shakespeare Co.

The Crucible   •   Thomas Putnam   •   Theatricum Botanicum/Ellen Geer

Lunch Hour   •   Oliver   •   South Jersey Regional Theatre

Trilogy Blue (World Premier)   •   Lou   •   Los Angeles Actors Theatre/Joe Paradise

Every Good Boy Does Fine   •   Evan   •   Los Angeles Actors Theatre/David Wheeler

King Lear   •   Kent   •   Los Angeles Repertory Co./Peter Ellenstein

In My Humble Opinion   •   Petruchio   •   Los Angeles Repertory Co./Peter Ellenstein

The Hostage   •   Mr. Mulleady   •   Los Angeles Repertory Co./Lou Palter

Twelfth Night   •   Orsino   •   Occidental Summer Theatre

Taming Of The Shrew   •   Petruchio   •   Occidental Summer Theatre

Ruddigore   •   Sir Despard   •   Occidental Summer Theatre/Gary Davis

Landscape Of The Body   •   Holahan   •   Catskill Summer Theatre

Twelfth Night   •   Sebastian   •   Marilyn Monre Theatre (L.A.)/Sally Kirkland

Once Upon A Mattress   •   Sir Harry   •   White Oaks Theatre/Gale Peterson

Le Romanesques   •   Percinet   •   White Oaks Theatre/Gale Peterson

The Old Jew   •   Title Character   •   White Oaks Theatre/Gale Peterson

The Drunkard   •   Eddie   •   Sheridan Opera House (Telluride)

Ten Nights On The Barroom Floor   •   Father   •   Sheridan Opera House (Telluride)

Mothers   •   Judge   •   L.A. Theatre Works/Robbie Robertson

Journey To The Day   •   Arthur   •   Hollywood Actors Theatre/Ron Bastone

Man With Bags   •   7 Characters   •   Pilot Theatre (L.A. World Premiere)/Dean Stockwell

Echos Of The Valley   •   Leader   •   Cellar Theatre (L.A.)

The Fool   •   Thomas Doughty   •   Guest Artist University of Kansas/Joe Paradise

Prelude To A Kiss   •   Dr. Boyle   •   Hudson Theatre (L.A. Premiere)/David Ellenstein

The Dybbuk   •   Rabbi Shimshin   •   La Jolla Playhouse (New Play Festival)/David Ellenstein

Sworn Enemies   •   Lt. Minksi   •   Streisand Festival/David Ellenstein



One Life to Live   •   Recurring   •   ABC/Melvin Bernhardt

General Hospital   •   Co-Star   •   ABC

All My Children   •   Guest Star   •   ABC

As The World Turns   •   Co-Star   •   CBS

Loving   •   Featured, Co-Star   •   ABC

Internal Affairs   •   Co-Star   •   CBS/Michael Tuchner

The Powers of Matthew Star   •   Co-Star   •   Paramount TV/Gunnar Helstrom

Making A Living   •   Co-Star   •   ABC/John Bowab

Open All Night   •   Co-Star   •   ABC/Will Mackenzie

The Ultimate Imposter (Pilot)   •   Featured   •   Universal TV

I’d Rather Be Calm (Pilot)   •   Co-Star   •   Metromedia/ Linda Day

Romance Theatre   •   Co-Star   •   Syndicated/John Bowab

Stars in the Fast Lane   •   Co-Star   •   Syndicated



Quality Time   •   Starring   •   Short/Daniel Sawka

Persecuted   •   Starring   •   Short/Benjamin Bondar

Rogues   •   Starring   •   Independent Feature/ Laurel Moje Wetzork

Human Highway   •   Shakey Pictures/Neal Young/Dean Stockwell

African Genesis   •   Wolper Productions

Scream Bloody Murder   •   University Productions/ Marc Ray



Acting: Robert Ellenstein – Florence Stanley – Alice Perichan – Ann Bowen
Singing:  Leif Sweetland  – Evelyn Halus
Los Angeles City College Theatre Academy
Occidental College